Anna | Janette

The wedding of Anna and Janette in New York City was sensational. Joined by a group of close friends and loved ones, the trip was a celebration of their love and how truly wonderful they are together. 

Anna and Janette added subtle touches of personal detail to their day, such as Janette's converse shoes and the hand sewn details in Anna's wedding dress. The day took us from one side of Manhattan to the other: from the first look in front of a cheering crowd of hundreds, to cruising the streets of NYC in a pink Hummer limousine. 

The ceremony and reception at CultureFix in the Upper East Side was the perfect spot for gathering and witnessing the love of these two. Janette's brother-in-law, Wylie, performed the marriage, making it a uniquely special and intimate event. The food was amazing and was accompanied by an awesome exhibition from artist Vizie One

As we traveled around New York City, it was evident to me that Anna and Janette owned the city, and everyone in it was there to witness their love. It was a perfect start to their happily-ever-after, and I was honored to be a part of it.