Boerne Backyard Wedding for Grandma • Siobhan and Stephen

Siobhan & Stephen.

Siobhan and Stephen set the date, made all the arrangements, found a photographer (yours truly), and waited for the date to arrive. Though, once the date was right around the corner, it turned out one special person would be not be able to attend their big day... Siobhan's grandmother. Siobhan's grandmother is a special part of their lives, and so it was important that she witnessed the joining of these two. Unfortunately, Siobhan's grandmother had an accident and would not be able to attend the main event, so Siobhan and Stephen brought the event to her! It was a very sweet and personal wedding and something I am proud to have been able to witness. Though, not originally planned, it couldn't have worked out in a better way!

 And so... here is Siobhan and Stephen's wedding day (part one).