Fearless Award


I remember back in the day (about 5 years ago) when I first discovered Fearless Photographers web site. I was amazed by the images they had curated from various photographers all over the world. It seemed like magic to me and I was obsessed in finding out how these photographers were creating such bad ass images and documenting epic moments in life. It was my goal to one day be a photographer and then once I made that happen I dreamed that I might when a Fearless Award one day. Well, that day has finally come. I have been awarded my first Fearless photo and I am completely honored. 

Not a Double Exposure or anything like that, just used my iPhone to reflect the Gazebo and sky on to the bottom part of the photo. El Cosmico, Scott, and Shenise did the rest. Their wedding day was epic to say the least. You can see it all here.

Go check out the recent Fearless Collection and be sure to give some love to Scott and Shenise's photo :)