A Kendall Plantation Wedding with Philip Thomas • San Antonio, Texas • Samantha and Josue

"We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give." -Winston Churchill

Often times we hear of successful people talk about how they have a great mentor. How they owe a lot of their successes to the person that helped show them the ropes of their craft. How the mentors advice has been a huge player in guiding and shaping careers.

This summer, I was fortunate to have found a mentor and friend of my own, Philip Thomas of Philip Thomas Photography.

Philip has been a photographer over 20 years, covering many aspects of the business. A successful Wedding Photojournalist here in Texas for the past 8 years, he has a wide range of knowledge!

Ok... so we are definitely not Luke Skywalker and Yoda, nor is the fate of the Galaxy dependent on my wedding photography. Though, every week I was finding myself more and more inspired to epic (Jedi-like) proportions. 

We covered the in's and out's of running your own business, dealing with all sorts of clients, finding your own style, editing techniques, conveying a story with photography, expressing real moments, and the list goes on and on! 

When photographing an event, I see things differently now. I feel I have a better understanding of anticipating the moment and capturing a part of a story. Looking at different angles, geometry, layers, and how they all interact to make an impactful image. Most importantly, to keep myself challenged and push myself to learn more about all of these aspects of photography and many more!

I feel this internship has transformed me, my shooting, and my business plans exponentially. These past six weeks have taught me countless things, of which I will always work to improve on and I am truly grateful. 

Philip Thomas is actively reaching out and helping other photographers in this area grow. Setting up monthly meetings in the community and answering any questions he can. My hopes are that some day I may be able to pass the information on to others as Philip so generously does.

Photographers can learn even more from Philip on his site --> Learn here

Samantha and Josue

As my summer internship with Philip Thomas was coming to a close, I went along to second shoot Samantha and Josue's wedding day at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, followed by the reception at Kendall Plantation.

Check out some of my favorite images from their awesome wedding day! Be sure to check out Philip's coverage of their day here.