A surprise!


The Northwest is probably one of my favorite areas in this great nation; the scenery is just spectacular, in my opinion. I love the forests, mountains, and the brisk air. My wife (Carla) knows this about me ... over the years I have mentioned Seattle, Vancouver, Portland, Eugene, San Fransisco, Lake Tahoe, and pretty much the entire Northwest coastline to her. My wife is also well traveled. She has seen some amazing places in this world, but she has never visited Seattle.

So, this December I reached another birthday. For about a month or so I thought my brother was going to come to San Antonio to visit. Basically we were going to have a guy's weekend per se. I was looking forward to this (because my brother is awesome), and even rescheduled an engagement session to make time for the weekend (thank you Chelsea!). As the weekend approached my brother, a firefighter, tells me he has been called in to work that Saturday, my wife tells me she isn't feeling well and is going to leave work early, and I am thinking not much is going to happen for this weekend and probably shouldn't have asked to reschedule the e-session ...

Carla gets home from work early, phone in hand and filming a video of me. I really have no idea what was happening.... then I start to think,"Maybe they tried to trick me? Is my brother here too? This was all a set up? Crap, I am being video taped!" After a bunch of random thoughts and some sweet words from my wife, I get a few instructions, then it finally sets in. My brother is not here, and in a few hours neither will I. 

Basically it was all a hoax; my wife surprised me (even though when we first started dating I told her I don't like surprises). She got me, my brother got me, I was completely fooled and I loved it!

"Pack a suitcase, our flight leaves in a few hours!"

I had no idea where we were going until we arrived at the airport. We check in at the Alaskan terminal, and it sets in a little. "We are going to Seattle." I have some great lifelong friends there, and about three to four months ago Carla mentioned going to a conference in Seattle for work. It all seems to come together now. She tricked me then to get my friends contact info to set this all up! 

Thank you K and T for your hospitality! Thank you weather for cooperating in December! Thank you Carla, the master planner and surprise artist!

I had an amazing time, the best birthday! I brought my camera but really only took a few photos of the entire trip (basically the Chihuly Glass Garden and the Ice Cave). I was really just enjoying it all and taking it in. Here are a few images from when the camera was near.

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