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Lone Star Brewery Bridal Session // Judy


I really have no idea how to describe the feeling, history, and atmosphere of the Lone Star Brewery. A San Antonio staple. A Texas staple. A symbol of pride. So much has happened here!

The company was founded over 133 years ago in 1884. Relocated when prohibition ended in 1933 from the original location to the now iconic (yet, closed) location in Southtown. Lone Star Brewery was a functioning and thriving location for many years, for many people, and many parties all in San Antonio! Unfortunately, after many great years in the Alamo city, the brewery changed locations at the hands of a new owner in 1996. Since then, the iconic location has sat empty for 21 years. Attracting graffiti artists, decay, and tons of character. A dream location for many photographers.

So, when Judy told me she wanted to shoot her Bridal portraits at the Lone Star Brewery, I was ecstatic! I told her I have no idea how to do this with out trespassing though. The site is all fenced up and has a guard on location. It just did not seem to be possible. A few days passed...

Then... One day Judy tells me she got us in, all is a go! Seriously? Like, this is going to happen? Yep, the location is all ours and I am beyond belief! I knew I had to share this experience with some of my closest photographer friends. So, Joshua Michaels, Sarah NaselliRichard Jemal and yours truly all teamed up on this glorious day to document Judy's Bridal session. IT WAS AMAZING!

Photographers: Justin Brownell, Sarah Naselli, Joshua Michaels, Richard Jemal

Location: The Old Lone Star Brewery

Wedding Dress: Bridal Galleria