Will and Grace • Mission Concepción//Westin Wedding • San Antonio, TX

Ok, so I will be transparent here. I'm not the best at writing and describing the love that I get to witness. The past few blog posts have been absent of words... only due to not knowing how to express the amazing days I get to witness. Every couple I meet is unique, and has a bad ass story to tell. I feel so honored to be able to capture their day. When I am going through and editing, I feel myself reliving these moments and remembering just how amazing each moment is. I love my job.

Ok, so going thru and editing Will and Grace's day, a few things to notice. There is so much love and just straight up awesomeness flowing. We started at the Westin in downtown San Antonio and then all headed to Mission Concepcion via limos and a Rolls-Royce (yeah they know how to do it). String quartets, acoustic guitar with a voice from the heavens, and a church that opened in 1731! That was just the ceremony. Shout out to Kyle (@kdotsvision) for helping us cover this! Then we all went back to the Westin for an awesome party filled with some major dance moves. 

The day was spectacular! Thank you Will and Grace for letting us be part of it.

Thanks Joshua Michael for kicking ass and shooting this day with me.