Mentor Sessions

Mentor sessions are the best way for you to have dedicated time with me and learn some of my tricks, vision, process, and all that other cool stuff. Almost all of my work is done in camera, so don't expect to learn any Photoshop; cause ain't nobody got time for that! :)

During a 3-hour session I will share my own experience as a photographer with both weddings and advertising. We will take the time to review your work, then we will go out to walk around document with a couple or model, then we will import/edit in Lightroom. My main goal is for you to walk away with an expanded vision and technique. I hope to open your creative process and I am sure that I will learn something from you as well.

 You can choose between a 3-hour session for $500 or two 3-hour sessions split up in different days for $800.


My Gear

Canon 5d Mark iii, Canon Mark iv, Sigma 35mm Art, Sigma 24mm Art, Sigma 50mm Art, Canon 85mm. Cheap Speedlights. A bunch of random items to shoot thru.


You Tube Tutorials

Coming soon...




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