Hello, I'm Justin.

I am humbled that you want to learn more about me. My journey here has been an interesting one. Not sure what to do after high school I joined the air force. That led to using my g.i. bill to get a degree in web design. While in school, I took an intro to photography course and I found the magic of creating an image to tell a story. I immediately feel in love with capturing a moment in time. I started to experiment and learn what all you can do with a camera and creating art. 

My style is a little different than most, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love to mix the photojournalistic and creative approaches in documenting your love. your love is unique, one of a kind, and so I strongly believe you should have images that reflect your love. Every couple is special to me and I strive to always deliver something unique and one of a kind for them. 

I'll be there with you through out your day. always searching and looking to document but also to be there as a calming perspective. 

Besides being your photographer, I hope we become friends too. 


Much love,