Hello, I'm Justin.

My path here has been an interesting one. Originally from Austin, I joined the Air Force in 2000 to work on Nuclear Missiles! Crazy! After the military, it took me some time to discover my love for Photography, art, and design. I was working as a manager at a machine shop when I was hit with the third round of layoffs. I was devastated and my future seemed unclear, the economy was doing poorly and I couldn't catch a break. This ended up being the best thing that could have happened as I eventually decided to use my GI Bill and go to school.

My love for photography all started when I was in college working on my degree in design. We were required to take an "intro to digital photography" course and I was hooked. After graduating, I started my wedding photography while searching for jobs as a web designer. After a few interviews and working as a freelance web designer, I decided that photography was my passion and wanted to devote all my time to capturing moments and telling stories. I have been a full time photographer for about 5 years now and absolutely love it!

Besides documenting love, I work in marketing for a fortune 500 company as a photographer. In my spare time I love to explore and travel, meeting with friends over some cold beers and great food, and spending time with my pup, Kodak. I can totally geek out over great cinematography and lighting. 

My Style

My style is a little different than most and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love to mix the photojournalistic and creative approaches in documenting your day. your love is one of a kind, and so I strongly believe you should have images that reflect just how distinct the two of you are . Every couple is special to me and I strive to always deliver images that showcase your distinct love with emotion and creativity.

Most of my couples love the creative side of life. They do not want images that look like every other wedding day. My couples love culture, emotion, real moments, and epic portraits.

I'll be there with you through out your day. always searching and looking to document but also to be there as a calming perspective.  

Last but not least; Besides being your photographer, I hope we become friends too. 


Much love,