A few words from our clients:

Justin is the BEST! He made us look like we knew what we were doing(we are not picture takers;), captured the most amazing shots, but most of all we had so much fun working with him! He takes wedding photography to the next level, if you are looking for someone to capture moments that most people would miss, put you in places that end up looking amazing this is your guy! Not only that he is easy to work with, very responsive, and your album is available through an online link so you have access to your photos easily, at anytime:) Matt and I both couldn't recommend him more!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  -Sarah                                                                                                                                        
Justin Brownell is so talented and captured our wedding week perfectly! He asked ahead of time what we wanted, did his own research for the locations and ideas we had, and delivered without fail. We had Justin on the run ALL day in New York City and he never lost a step! I was in Times Square for our “first look” and so nervous and thirsty-Justin got me water and gave me kind words to relax me. Such a gentleman! He captured moments between me and my wife when we thought no one was looking or around that were so sweet. The quality of his pictures are amazing and I would recommend him for any event.
— Janette
We had somehow stumbled upon Justin for our engagement photos and were so blown away in love that we actually cancelled our already booked photographer for the wedding. Justin was amazing! He catered to all my crazy requests and had some great ideas for shots as well. He didn’t complain once and I should mention our wedding day lasted from about 11am-11pm and Justin was there for all of it, including our bus bar hopping pre reception. I still get compliments on our photos. Couldn’t be happier.
— Kayla
Justin was an absolutely wonderful photographer!!!! I had several people come up to me and say they wanted him for their weddings! He worked incredibly hard to get the right angles and shots, and our pictures turned out beautifully. He was very professional and fun to work with, and made our day so special! I whole-heartedly recommend Justin to any bride needing a photographer!
— Megan
we absolutely loved our engagment session with Justin! We cannot wait till our wedding day(: we drove from three hours away and it was totally worth it for these shots. The shots were unique, creative and down right awesome! Thank you so much! If anyone’s ever looking for a photographer Justin’s amazing!
— Lauren
When Dustin proposed in November at his Marine Corps Ball, I couldn’t wait to get the ball rolling on all the exciting engagement stuff. One of the first things I did after the initial excitement of the engagement weekend was sit down to start looking for a photographer for our engagement photos. I couldn’t wait to make all my girlfriends salivate with jealousy as the browsed through pictures of my oh-so handsome fiancé and I on Facebook. ((And okay, maybe a few enemy creepers as well)) :)

However, as I started my search for the right photographer, it dawned on me that I had no clue what or who I was looking for. The problem with moving 1200 miles away from home on whim, searching for adventure and change, is that you don’t really know what or who you’re looking for. It was definitely a “I NEED MY MOMMY” moment! So I began my solo search, browsing through pages of photographers all pretty much saying the same standard thing.

Then I reached Justin’s page. I will be honest, the first thing I clicked on was the “About Me” button. And I finally felt like I’d found my photographer. This guy was cool! He reminded me so much of my fiancé and I...with his puppy Pixel, his recent marriage to his beautiful wife Carla, and his love for travel and a good adult beverage :) I emailed him, and got a very quick reply. We soon had a shoot set up for December 5th, and I couldn’t wait! Then I got a phone call while I was at work from an Austin area telephone number, and a seemingly panicked, incredibly apologetic Justin was on the other line...

He explained to me his birthday was December 8th, and unbeknownst to him, Carla had planned a surprise for him. I could tell he felt awful asking to cancel, but I just giggled. You only get one birthday a year, and I too had planned a HUGE surprise for my fiancé for his birthday this past year. Of course I didn’t mind! I would rather have a happy photographer than one who was wishing he was on a surprise birthday trip anyways :) We rescheduled for December 20th, and I had more time to shop :)

On December 15th, after moving to a new apartment over the weekend, Dustin was admitted to the hospital with rhabdomylosis. ((Caused by over exertion of the muscles))... at first, I figured my big tough Marine would be out of there in no time, so I didn’t sweat it. Then as the week drug on and on, and I was making myself as tiny as possible, sleeping beside him in a hospital bed, I realized I was going to have to contact Justin and this time, be the one to cancel on him. He quickly assured me the cancelation was no problem at all, and he sent his well wishes Dustin’s way. We agreed to schedule some time after the holidays, as Dustin and I were headed to Wisconsin once he found his way out of the hospital.

After New Years, I emailed Justin again. We scheduled yet another session for January 10th, and I crossed my fingers for good results. By the time Thursday, January 8th rolled around, it was clear I was going to be looking at wet, cold weather that weekend. Justin emailed me to check how I felt about that, and at this point, I was determined. I assured him that Dustin and I were from the Midwest, and as long sa he could handle it, we could too!

Saturday finally rolled around, and I was in the bathroom for 2 hours getting ready while Dustin lounged on the bed checking out the outfits I had chosen for him...men are so lucky when it comes to the ease in which they make themselves presentable...I had a girlfriend on the way to help me with my bags and wardrobe changes, so with our gloves and coats on we headed out the door.

Justin had suggested to meet us at a bar called Soho. Coincidentally, that was one of the venues for Dustin and I’s first date..when Justin arrived he explained the process a bit to us, warned us he would be in our faces, and that it may seem a little weird, and then we got right down to it....

In sleeveless dresses and high heels, I fought the 30 degree weather, and Justin was right there with us, clicking away..even sacrificing his coat at one point....he was willing to shoot for as long as we wanted, and by the end of the night, it was ME who wimped out and called an end to it. This guy TRULY has a love for the art of photography.

Then came the wait...but I expected much more of one than what I had to endure. Justin kept me updated on the process, and within 5 days I had photos in my inbox.

Everything we went through... the ‘surprise birthday’ cancellation, the ‘hospital stay’ cancellation, and the ridiculous weather was ALL worth it....

Justin did an INCREDIBLE job. He truly captured who we are as a couple...from our celebratory fireball shots, to our stupid “growl” faces...the giggle fit I turn in to when Dustin is near... my run and jump in to his arms...it’s all there. There was one shot in particular I had my heart set on, and not only did Justin get it, he went above and beyond. It’s a photo I believe could grace the pages of magazines ... and that’s not just me being bias.

Originally, we had planned to bring our Pomeranian, Crockett, along with us. However, with the weather, we figured she’d be miserable. Justin even offered to set up a separate meeting with us at a local park in the near future to shoot some photos with her! We could not be more grateful of the wonderful communication, the dedication to our satisfaction with his product, and the over-all great personality that we have seen from Justin. With hopes of babies in the future, I already know who I will be asking to do my maternity shots...and without a doubt who I will recommend to any girlfriend getting engaged.
— Chelsea